Tips for Marketing an Artist's Music

Music marketing is a very overlooked aspect of the industry. Marketing can help get an artist’s name out there and spread their work. Whether you are apart of an artist’s team or an artist yourself, these five tips will help improve your marketing tactics! Marketing helps people know the music exists!

1.) Be active and engage on social media

  • A huge majority of the world uses social media. It is surprising if someone isn’t on social media. Staying active and engaging with fans can help grow fan bases, become personable with fans, and network with others.

2.) Do contests + giveaways

  • Giveaways and contests are an amazing way to engage fans + gain more of a following.

  • Have guidelines for the giveaway (i.e. follow the accounts involved, tag X amount of friends, repost to their story). The possibilities are endless.

3.) Involves Fans in as much as you can

  • Those who love an artist’s music loves to be involved. Ask them what single they prefer, what they want to hear live, which of X amount of options shirt designs look better.

  • The fans are supporting you and would love to have a say in some smaller decisions.

4.) Target the core audience

  • Use analytics on social media to target what demographics most listen to your music. You’re going to market to a 20 year old female differently than how you would market to a 40 year old father. Know who is listening to you.

5. Post behind the scenes posts

  • Fans love seeing everyday aspects of artist’s llves. Post on social media about everyday acts, how studio time goes, what rehearsals are like, etc.

Music marketing is an extremely important aspect of an artist’s career. Without good marketing, it can break an artist’s career because no one would know the music exists. These tips can help make an artist’s music known.